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Covered Equipment: The SBC Internet Services DSL equipment warranty covers replacement of defective hardware provided to you by SBCIS for its AT&T Yahoo HSI access service, including modems, routers, gateways, adapters, filters, and splitters. Labor charges may also be covered in limited circumstances, as specified below. This warranty only covers AT&T Yahoo HSI provided equipment and labor of SBCIS authorized agents, and does not cover equipment/services obtained by Customer from any entity other than SBCIS.

EXCEPTIONS: This warranty does not cover equipment that has been damaged or destroyed through customers negligent or intentional acts. Customer modifications to the Covered Equipment will also void this warranty. In addition, equipment destroyed due to fire or natural disasters, such as flood or lightening damage, or other causes outside of SBCISs control, are not covered.

Warranty Commencement Date: This warranty will begin on the AT&T Yahoo HSI Order Completion Date/Due Date for a self-install, the date of installation for a full-technician install, which is the date that AT&T Yahoo HSI service is activated by SBCIS regardless of when the AT&T Yahoo HSI equipment is installed or when the service is activated by Customer.

Full Warranty: If you report your problem and return the defective Covered Equipment within 90 days of the AT&T Yahoo HSI Order Completion Date, SBCIS will replace the Covered Equipment at no charge including labor charges if SBCIS dispatches a technician.

Limited Warranty: Between 91 and 365 days after the AT&T Yahoo HSI Order Completion Date, SBCIS will replace the defective covered Equipment at no charge, SBCIS will ship a warranty replacement and the customer has 30 days to return (prepaid) the covered defective equipment to SBCIS. Defective equipment may be replaced with refurbished equipment. Replacement equipment will carry the time remaining on the original warranty. If SBCIS is required to dispatch a technician, SBCIS will charge a labor fee at the following rate, regardless of the cause of the problem: Initial half hour is $60; subsequent half hours or partial increments are $35

Warranty contact information:
To make a claim under this warranty and for information about how to return defective Covered Equipment:

Contact Technical Support at: 1-877-722-3755
You will need the following information available when you contact Technical Support:

DSL or Billing Phone Number
Master Member ID
Modem Name and Type (see bottom of modem)
Computer Operating System

Note: Be prepared to assist the technician with diagnosing that the equipment is defective.

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