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Yes. According to administrators in Sympatico's own internal forums, a "no migrate" list exists. You can have your name put on it if you call 310-SURF. However you can not be go back to the old mail platform if you have already been upgraded (or upgrade yourself) to the new MSN platform.

Hi *********,

I completely understand the reasons why you would be worried by the
unlikely event that the US Government will actually enact the Patriot
Act and "spy" on your email and I appreciate the time you took to
compose your response.

That being said, at this point the only alternative is to refuse being
migrated to the MSN platform. This will prevent us from doing it
automatically for you. Once we have the segment of customers that have
refused to be migrated, we will have to decide what we can do to
accommodate those customers since one domain cannot exist in two places
or email destined for it won't go anywhere.

If you wish to not be migrated, please call into 310-SURF and let them
know. There is nothing wrong with this request.


Christian Belanger

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  • This can be removed since everyone is on the MSN Platform now.

    2008-12-13 15:27:17 (Deadpool0 See Profile)

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