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In May of 2006 the four regional and one direct support SBC forums changed their names to the AT&T forums. The change was cosmetic only, reflecting the present state of the consolidation taking place in the telephone industry.

To quote RadioDoc-
SBC is alive and well and hiding inside the burned-out hulk of ATT that they bought last year...

Nothing has changed except the name.

For the foreseeable future you will still see references to SBC and the older regional names: Ameritech, PacBell, SWBell, and SNET.

AT&T Midwest - SBC-Ameritech Funhouse! We serve IL, WI, OH, MI, and IN.
AT&T Southwest - SWBell - Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.
AT&T Northeast - SNET - Conn.
AT&T West - PacBell - California and Nevada.
AT&T Direct - SBCDirect - The AT&T officially sanctioned direct support forum.

This PDF shows the time line of MaBell's Logo changes: »att.sbc.com/Common/files/pdf/log···heet.pdf

Various google lookups on the history, divestiture, and consolidation of MaBell turn up these interesting links amongst others:

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