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The 2Wire DSL modems have a very sophisticated set of troubleshooting logs and indicators. When you post a message asking for help with a 2wire product issue such as random disconnects or other issues - you can speed up the time other volunteers here take to help by providing the following info up front-

Please provide a description of what your problem is, including things like how often or at what time of day the issues occur. Also how your system is set up- how many computers you have connected to the 2wire and how they are connected (wireless, ethernet, HPNA, etc.)

And then the relevant logs, from the Management and Diagnostic Console (MDC), to include are:

  • The contents of the DSL Diagnostic page.
  • The contents of the Detailed Log.
  • If an application or firewall related question - You should include both Detailed Log entries and Event Log entries.

The Management and Diagnostic Console (MDC) is for advanced troubleshooting in the event of problems. Access it by going to http://homeportal/management (/MDC will also work in place of /management)

The DSL Diagnostic page (under Troubleshooting on the left side of the MDC) displays current data on your connection and a history of retrains.

The Detailed Log (under Advanced on the left side of the MDC) is more hardware oriented (equivalent to a unix Syslog) and is of more help to track down problems with the 2Wire itself.

The Event Log (under Troubleshooting on the left side of the MDC) is software oriented and mostly lists firewall hits and minor events with settings.

Remember the people who help here are all your peers, some professional techs, some not, most just regular BBR users, assisting when and where they can. For official support you should contact your service provider.

Note: Some service providers provide 2Wire products with the MDC locked out. In this case you will not be able to access the MDC without the password, and most service providers do not release the password. Your only recourse is to complain to the service provider you got the 2Wire from, and not 2Wire itself.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I do not why there are always the gateway alert notification. Then I can not access the internet.

    2009-11-07 13:46:14

  • please help reset password admin

    2009-07-27 10:49:02

  • my 2wire wireless adapter will not connect with my linksystem router. what should I do?

    2009-03-11 16:26:50

  • This is a request for help. I am setting up Internet access thru dsl SBCglobal (AT&T)using my homeportal 1000sw but it is not transferring data wireless to my portable "Gateway Solo" via a "D-link Airplus" (DWL-650+). Specifically, the connection status says activity is 22,422 bytes sent but "0" received. Earlier tonight I did have it working and turned it off to move to another room. I haven't gotten the wireless connection back from any room nor even when I returned it physically next to the 1000sw and I've rebooted countless times. I think I must have changed something that messed it up. The only thing I can remember is under wireless network connection status support tab I clicked on "repair" and it deleted and attempted to renew the Gateway's IP address. The Wireless Network Connection box says: "this connection has limited or no connectivity." The wireless network connection properties box says the signal strength is "good." Under its "Advanced" tab, the wireless network connection is checked(the Gateway is physically sitting next to the 2wire 1000sw) The windows firewall advanced settings only checks "Web Server (HTTP) on the Services tab. The advanced settings'Internet control Message Protocol (ICMP tab) has nothing checked. Under windows firewall box, I clicked restore efaults to default settings of the advanced tab. The 2wire has all three lights green but that is because of the hardwired second computer hooked to the 2wire that I am using to type this message. The repair result says "windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: renewing my IP address." I hope I've provided

    2007-12-24 20:16:47

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