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The results from this 2006 POLL indicated that the largest percentage of our members who voted this year are using Diskeeper.

"Manual defragmentation just isn't practicalwho has time to defrag every system, every day? Manual defragmentation is a break-fix situation. Automatic defragmentation with Diskeeper, the Number One Automatic Defragmenter, is the only true defrag solution. Diskeeper 10 uses "Set It and Forget It" and Smart Scheduling technologies to defrag drives as needed, keeping your systems running as fast as they did when they were brand-new."

The next most popular choice being Windows built in defrag software. A good explanation of the Windows defragmentation utility can be found at The Elder Geek

Other defragmentation software receiving votes this year were, in order of popularity:

Perfect Disk
O&O Defrag
Diskeeper Lite
Defrag for Windows
Power Defrag

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