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The Actiontec and Westell routers used by Verizon support either coax or cat5 connection to the ONT. Verizon's standard installation is to use coax between the ONT and the router.

If your WAN connection between the ONT and the primary router is coax, you will not find any retail versions of routers available that support the MoCA standard. To use a different primary router, you will need to get the WAN connection switched over to Ethernet, or bridge your router through the Actiontec.

Internet only If you are getting only FIOS internet, you can request a cat5 install from the ONT to the router. Running cat5 instead of coax from the ONT to the router is up to the installer. The tech will install the Actiontec in order to verify that everything is working correctly. Once the installer has verified that you are receiving your provisioned speeds, you can replace the Actiontec. When swapping out your primary router be sure to release your WAN DHCP lease or you may have trouble acquiring a new WAN DHCP lease. »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »How do I release my DHCP lease

FIOS-TV and Internet Since FiOS set-top-boxes rely on the MoCA LAN for guide data, widgets and VOD, most alternative configurations include the Actiontec in a secondary role as a MOCA bridge for TV service.

The Pros/Cons of a number of possible configurations for connecting your own router are detailed in the FAQ: »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »What are the tradeoffs between the various router configurations

You may find Verizon unwilling to provide support unless you reconnect the Actiontec as the primary router. Of course, you can post your question in the »Verizon FiOS forum.

Some older routers may not be able to support FiOS' higher speeds. For example, some users have discovered a 16-17 Mbps limit with the Linksys WRT54G using third party firmware.

Update 9/14:  The Actiontec rev. I MUST be the primary router in order to activate the Video Media Server.

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