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From the FAH FAQ's at Stanford:

Each work unit is benchmarked on a dedicated 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 machine with SSE2 disabled. For most work units (although there may be exceptions, described in the next paragraph), we apply this equation

timeout = 20 * (daysPerWU) + 2
deadline = max(30* (daysPerWU) + 2,10)

where daysPerWU is the number of days it took to complete the unit. The "+2" days is there to give an additional buffer for fast WUs (to allow for servers down, etc). If 30*daysPerWU is less than 10 days, we set the deadline to 10 days, as a minimum time for all projects. The timeout is the time at which the WU is resent to another client and the deadline is the last time which we will give stats credit for the WU.

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