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Any properly configured firewall be it hardware (external), or software (installed as a program on a computer) should provide you with excellent protection from intruders.There is no best firewall, but some prefer one over the other and this write up covers the poll conducted in »Software reflecting the favourite choice of software firewalls this year.

Firewalls provide protection against outside attackers (other Internet users) by filtering malicious Internet traffic, and thus shielding/hiding your computer. Reading so many reports about virus infections harvesting computers around the Globe, and many of us being the ones infected, it has encouraged many home users who did not think protecting your computer is important to find a solution.

Results of this year's Broadband Reports Software Forum poll show that Zone Alarm is, once again, a clear winner with 25.8 percent of votes. Zone Alarm seems to be the most trusted and the most used solution and has been the preferred choice for the past several years.

Second choice is built in Windows XP (SP1 and SP2) firewall (17.5%). This is a basic firewall, which provides good inbound (incoming traffic) protection. It does not provide outbound protection and thus is does not provide you with ability to block an application, which potentially could be malicious, from connecting to the Internet.

If you are looking for rules based firewall an older but still very much used version of Kerio Personal Firewall(13.1%) is absolute winner in this category. Version 2.15 has not been updated since May 2003, however its stability, and low resource usage won over many users who are looking for a free firewall. In viewing the poll, it's still surprising that there are 5.7% that use no firewall at all.

Broadband Reports has a new forum Security Cleanup that might help in the decision process. Any of these choices in this year's software firewall poll or hardware firewall are excellent to use to protect your computer and data.

As an addendum, Windows Live OneCare seems to be a favorite choice in the other category.

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