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The ping tool's protocol (ICMP) is not given high priority by the GameFuel* technology.

The best way to tell that it is helping is to turn on GameFuel and play the game. Your game performance should no longer suffer due to outgoing lag.

Where your game performance used to suffer due to your household's other internet use (such as transferring files), responses to your keyboard or joystick should seem much more responsive than it did before.

During light networking periods, where no lag was being created by other network activity, game play should be unchanged.

How GameFuel technology (prioritization) works:

When you use your mouse, joystick, or keyboard in an online game, data is sent to the game's server.

Without prioritization, each new piece of data is placed at the end of the outgoing queue; the last data to enter the queue is the last to go out. Your "fire" button data must wait for the data that are already ahead of it in the queue. By the time your command to fire clears your router, your character may already be dead.

With prioritization, the data is prioritized (either by your rules or by automatic classification). Any new outgoing data is inserted into the queue based on this priority. New, higher priority traffic (such as an interactive game) is placed near the front of the outgoing queue, ahead of other data. New, lower priority traffic (such as a long, steady file transfer) is placed near the end. Your "fire" button data jumps ahead of the data that are already in the queue. Your command reaches the game's server faster, and so your character reacts faster to your commands.


The author claims no particular inside knowledge of GameFuel prioritization specifically, but he understands how prioritization works.

GameFuel can help your own congested network work better, but it cannot do anything about internet congestion that exists outside of your network.

*The GameFuel trademark is the property of its owners, and is used here to describe features of the D-Link products that use it.

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