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Depending on what type of offense you are charged with there are likely many different options for you. We have decided that discussions regarding, "I got a speeding/parking ticket" or "I just got a traffic summons", "My license has expired", "I received a violation", "how much are these violations?" - would be much better suited for a licensed professional rather than in our forum.

We find that forum discussions on these issues are generally of no benefit to you and usually end up causing more harm than good. We would much rather see you get the professional help you need instead of potentially poor or misleading advice.

If you are just curious to see what options may be available we suggest that you try Googling using key words that describe your offense such as "beat speeding/parking ticket" or "beat reckless driving ticket", "how much is this ticket" or "driving with expired license". You may also use the forum search feature to reference older threads on speeding, costs and other related discussions.

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