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No, but it is a very popular myth that is propegated by poor help desk training and urban legend. When you reset the Westell it does not automatically default to bridged ethernet mode (which is the preferred mode if you run it in conjunction with a third party router). When the Westell is reset and detects another router or PPP client it will use a feature called "PPP Passthrough" and hopefully let the other PPP client initiate the connection. Unfortunately, this does not always work as designed and it may cause connection problems.

The proper way to configure the Westell in conjunction with a another router is to set it up in bridged ethernet mode as shown here.

Important Note: Please realize that individual helpdesk representatives are trying to be as helpful as possible with the information and training they have been provided. They are not purposely trying to provide incorrect information, so please do not take it out on them. All said, using PPP Passthrough will probably work in many situations, however the issue is not whether it will possibly work, but one of misinformation.

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