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The 2Wire HomePortal has a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall that blocks unauthorized inbound connections. To allow certain connections through ports in the firewall:
- Open »gateway.2wire.net
- Go to Home/Local Network
- For the selected computer click "Edit Firewall Settings" (non-DHCP/non-NetBIOS computers can be renamed here to make selection of the correct computer easier)
- Choose "Allow individual applications"
- Select the application(s) you want to forward to that computer (or create your own custom ones right below the list for each application/computer and then select them)
- Click "Add" to add the selected applications for that computer
- Save/Submit settings or Done

If you want all ports open, choose DMZPlus Mode instead of Allow individual applications.
- For single-IP connections (most people) this will "share" the 2Wire's public IP address with the computer (IP release/renew or computer reboot required to apply the setting). All ports that have not been forwarded to another computer will be forwarded to the selected computer.
- For multiple public IP address connections, only computers that have been given a public IP address can use DMZPlus Mode. Since these computers already have their "own" public IP address, they will not need to "share" the 2Wire's IP.

NOTE: Be aware that if you choose to open ports in the firewall, you may receive unauthorized/malicious access attempts. Please use a software firewall or server hardening techniques to prevent compromising of your network.

NOTE: An individual Public IP's Port can only be assigned to one computer at a time. That is you can not point the same IP & Port at 2 or more different computers at the same time. If you are hosting multiple servers/games/torrents/etc., using the same Public IP address with multiple computers, you should be using different port numbers for each.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • The 2wire i have Will not open any ports period.

    2013-09-17 09:38:56

  • Excellent information: accurate and helpful. I successfully opened the port for a user defined application.

    2013-05-26 20:09:21 (Gordonio See Profile)

  • i did that but it say duplicate rule even though its required

    2012-05-26 19:13:22

  • This doesn't work. I try to port forward Minecraft (25565) and no matter what I do it won't work.

    2011-12-16 22:03:58

  • It's not working for me. :/ I own a 2Wire 270HG router and my port forward checking tool keeps saying the connection times out. I don't know what else to do!

    2011-03-06 17:20:50

  • ┬┐como puedo abrir los puertos en protocolo UDP de 1 a 65535, es decir abrir todos los puertos de forma manual? ya que cuando los introdusco mi internet deja de funcionar ... mi modem es 2wire 2701HG-T

    2010-10-20 19:31:18

  • I can't get into my 2wire to edit the firewall settings so i can set up a static ip address. i have 2wire 2700hg-e and have followed all of the instructions at the portforward.com site but get stuck when asked to enter the router ip address in an internet browser so i have access to my home network (where i can change setting for firewall, etc.) Can anyone help me....this is so frustrating.

    2010-10-19 22:07:51 (anagel See Profile)

  • This doesn't work. I have been trying to get my 2wire to work with Vista RA for some time and all of the suggestions have failed. DMZ mode didn't work, adding XP Remote Assistance in the firewall settings doesn't work. Does anyone have this working properly? I have the 1701 HG, Vista Home Premium(current as of 4-5-09). Thanks for any assitance. I am on the verge of getting a different wireless router/firewall.

    2009-04-05 18:12:21

  • Awesome! Perfect! YOU GUYZ ROCK! Thanks a bunch.

    2009-02-23 15:29:38

  • im trying to play a game called praetorians and i dont no what port to open could u give me some advice

    2008-07-13 13:24:27

  • Very clear instructions coupled with useful tips. Thanks

    2008-01-26 20:30:33

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