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At Cox, we strictly enforce our authorized posting policy. Employees must go through a validation and authorizing process before we sanction their postings on the Cox Forum here at Broadband Reports. We also keep an eye on postings, and with the help of the members of this forum, make sure we respond professionally and responsibility to questions. In doing this, we can ensure your confidence in our employees that opt to help out here.

That said, participation by employees is voluntary. We don't tell anyone they have to do this. Thus, you'll find some markets have great coverage while others may not be directly represented. Likewise, we have a lot of folks that opt not to post. Instead, they frequently "lurk" in order to stay in touch with the feedback we receive here.

Final disclaimer: This forum is not a replacement or substitute for our official call centers and support web sites.

Now that we've dispatched with the "batteries not included" formalities, here's the list of Authorized Cox Employees posting in this forum and their system or area of expertise:

All Things Cox:
PapaSmurf See Profile

Las Vegas:
CoxVegas See Profile
Cox_LV_Eng See Profile

Residential Tech Support in All Markets:
CoxTech1 See Profile
Cox_Beck See Profile
CoxTOC1 See Profile
CoxTier2CB See Profile
Cox_tiff See Profile
KipAtCox See Profile

Abuse Issues:
CoxAbuse See Profile

Cox_BEng See Profile
odog See Profile

EMail Issues:
gmb42 See Profile
MailMan72 See Profile

Product Issues:
CoxInfoGuy See Profile

PapaSmurf See Profile

AZHSISupport See Profile
CoxAZTech1 See Profile
CoxAZTech3 See Profile
CoxAZTech4 See Profile
CoxTechAZ See Profile
CoxAZ See Profile

Baton Rouge/New Orleans/Greater Louisiana:

LAHSIhelp See Profile

coxlouisiana See Profile

Hampton Roads:
tekjunkie See Profile
CoxTOC1 See Profile
TOC_HRD See Profile

New England:
ridataguy See Profile
EJW_CoxNE See Profile

CoxNVAHSI See Profile

cableok See Profile

San Diego:
CoxSanDiego See Profile BTD See Profile
qweenk See Profile
gcruz See Profile
JoshuaCA See Profile
KimSDCox See Profile
sdcablegirl See Profile

Significant Lurking Parties:
CoxJimR See Profile

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