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In the Remote Access Poll of 2006, the following results are listed:

254 votes were submitted, and the winner was... Microsoft's Remote Desktop (for the second year running)

said by by Microsoft :

Remote Desktop is based on Terminal Services technology. Using Remote Desktop, you can run applications on a remote computer running Windows XP Professional from any other client running a Microsoft Windows operating system.
Remote Desktop is included with Windows XP, and provides a free, easy to use solution for accessing your computer over a network.

In 2nd place was UltraVNC. (for the second year running)

UltraVNC is based off of RealVNC which was developed by AT&T Labs (which also was a contender in the poll) UltraVNC adds lots of new features that make it stand out from all the other VNC variants.

Here are just a sampling of its features:

Video driver hook: (bypasses the CPU, and gets information straight from the video card helps speed polling times)
MS-Logon: Uses your Windows login information to authenticate access rights
Encryption: Using an optional data encryption plugin, you can encrypt the data stream through VNC (highly recommended for use over the internet)
File transfer: an embedded File Transfer with intuitive Graphical User Interface is included allowing for easy file copy between local and remote computers
Chat: Features built in chat functionality so you can communicate with the user on the other end

In 3rd place was Logmein

Logmein earned a special mention last year because of its versatility when connecting to computers behind firewalls, as well as its price (free) and its ease of use. It is also encrypted which makes it safer to use than a plain VNC variant when connecting to another computer over the internet.

Other contenders:

Remotely Anywhere

Links verified as of 9/23/06

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