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Sometimes, your bank may not alert you that a fake check or money order has been returned until after you have shipped the merchandise. If you are suspicious about a check because it is written by a third party or for any other reason, call the person who wrote the check to verify that they have authorized it. If you receive a check or money order for an amount that exceeds the successful bid, and the buyer asks that you wire the excess funds back to him or to a third party, do not wire the money. Instead, return the check to the buyer, and do not ship the merchandise.

If you accept payment by check, ask for a check drawn on a local bank, or a bank with a local branch. That way, you can make a personal visit to make sure the check is valid. If that's not possible, call the bank the check was drawn from and ask if it is valid. Get the bank's phone number from directory assistance or an Internet site that you know and trust, not from the person who gave you the check.

check here: »www.usps.com/postalinspectors/mofeatur.htm
search here: »search.reviews.ebay.com/Fake-Mon···0QQuqtZg

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