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In July 2006 Primus announced a new feature called Enhanced Call Waiting.

TalkBroadband users who have Call Waiting can now use "Call Waiting ID Manager". When you hear the Call Waiting beeps, you can press the digit 1, 2 or 3 with the following results:

    •Send directly to VoiceMail and stop beeping
    •"Please hold, I'll be with you shortly..."
    •"The party you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try again later." followed by a disconnection of the caller.

TBB subscribers who have used Enhanced Call Waiting, or communicated with Primus regarding the new feature, report the following clarifications.
  • Option 1 overrides Concierge call treatments if any are applicable.
  • When Option 2 is selected, callers hear MOH (music). If calling long distance, the caller is charged by their LD carrier from this point on.
  • If Option 3 is selected and a long distance caller is disconnected, then there are no LD charges applied by the caller's LD carrier.
User gary has provided the following useful information regarding the new feature.

  1. It works from a regular phone.

  2. You should not press Flash, just the option (1, 2 or 3) when the second call comes in.

  3. If you have a newer phone with Call Waiting Options, you can enable the feature, but only as a reminder of what options 1, 2 and 3 stand for. Pressing Flash to bring up the list of options will render the feature inoperable, see 2. above. Also, options 4 and 5 found on the phone options are not corresponding valid options with TBB. The conference and switching between callers and drop caller 1 or 2 features too would not work as shown on the phone menu - they operate differently or not at all with TBB, see 4. below.

  4. To alternate between callers, including switching to the caller previously placed on hold (by pressing 2 when the call first came in), press Flash. I have not found:
    1. a way to conference the 2 calls, and
    2. the more sophisticated method of dropping caller 2 while taking to caller 1 - for now I would just switch to the caller I want to drop, say goodbye and switch back to the other as the means of dropping a caller.

  5. If you call out, call waiting is not available while the phone at the other end is still ringing (has not yet been picked up). Instead, the incoming call would go straight to VoiceMail (the default) unless you have changed that default setting, such as busy transfer etc.

  6. If you dial a star code (I tried *67) before dialling, call waiting _is_ available while the phone at the other end is still ringing (has not yet been picked up), but Enhanced Call Waiting is not available.

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last modified: 2006-10-15 21:56:10