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This feature has not shown up on the MyTBB Portal for weeks. The status of the Online Support Chat is currently unknown.

Primus has recently introduced a beta version of an online technical support chat application within the MyTBB Portal. This is a cross-platform chat client that operates within your web browser.

While the online support is still in beta, Primus has limited the frequency with which it will appear for each user (approximately one in 10 sessions):

It's not every 10 of YOUR sessions, it's 1 in 10 sessions. In fact, it's actually not 1 in 10 if you want to be technical. For each session, a random number is chosen between 1 and 10. If that number is 1, you get the icon. That way, each session did not have to have any prior knowledge of other sessions, and nearly the same effect is reached.

If the icon appears during your Portal session, clicking it will bring up a new window into which you may type or e-mail address and the question you have for Tech Support. Submitting the form initiates the chat session.

Once connected you must wait for a response from a Tech Support representative. Currently, this can take several minutes. Most users have reported inconsistency in reply times. At this point it is still recommended to contact Tech Support via telephone or e-mail until more priority is placed on staffing the online support option.

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last modified: 2007-01-31 18:51:06