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1. First you have to take 2 pictures with your cellphone camera and send them to your cellphone number for T-Mobile to properly set things up.
-After you shoot the pictures, each time it will ask you if you want to send to My Album, which is the default, so Hit Options--->Send To--->Phone Number and type in your cellphone number, ok.
-Hit send and they will go to the T-mobile site, you will later receive 2 Picture Messages from the T-mobile site with each photo.
-Hit view and if you can see the photos that you sent, you are set up and ready for step 2.

2. On your computer, open your email program and attach the photo that you want to send to your cellphone. In the recipient field, type in "your cellphone number@tmomail.net"
-After awhile, you will receive a picture message alert on your cellphone. Hit View and you should see the photo that you sent from your computer.
-You can now hit Options--->Save Content--->Picture, it will now reside in the My Downloads section of your phone Images.

3. To send a photo to your computer you need to send a Picture Message to your regular email address.

4. Wallpaper Limitation: A minor annoyance is that the "Stretch Fit To Screen" option is only available when using photos taken by the cellphone camera and not available when you are using a downloaded photo from your computer. You will get a white margin on top and bottom when using a photo in landscape orientation and white borders on the left and right sides with a photo in portrait orientation. I was able to work around this by cropping the photo into a square orientation, which fit the screen better, before sending it from my computer to the phone.

Thanks to njb52 See Profile for this information!

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