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To manually Opt Out of the redirecting DNS that Earthlink has shoved down our throats forced upon us then use the IPs here (NOTE!: Be warned these Opt-Out servers also suffer periods of extreme slowness to resolve DNS, do not response at all sometimes and even seem to stop working at all at rare times so please read further down for better options):

DNS Opt Out Servers (East Coast = EC) (West Coast = WC)

If you are on the East Coast then use the East Coast as your Primary DNS entry and use the West Coast as your Secondary DNS entry. If you are on the West Coast then use the West Coast as your Primary DNS entry and use the East Coast as your Secondary DNS entry. It is best to hard code these into your Router only and let the Router give the DNS info to your PCs via normal DHCP instead of manually having to hard code multiple PCs. Most all Routers made in the last 10 Years have a settings location to place DNS entries (usually under LAN settings or DHCP settings).

Better Options:

I personally use and (alternate use of and is acceptable) in my Router on a East Coast located Covad circuit. They seem to work much, much better than the EL Opt Out servers of (East Coast) and (West Coast) do for me. Your results may vary.

»EarthLink DSL FAQ »How to Specify DNS Information in the EarthLink UHP ADSL Modem

In the ZyXEL P660R-ELNK it is on this LAN - LAN Setup page under "Advanced Setup" then select "LAN", type in the Primary and Secondary DNS servers ( for Primary and for Secondary) then click on Apply.

You can alternatively use any open "non-redirecting" DNS IPs in the UHP Modems, ZyXEL Routers, or any brand of Aftermarket Routers of your choosing like OpenDNS at »

The straight dope

Our nameservers are and

Here is some additional background info:

• »Oh No They Didn't!

• » ··· ns_1.php

• » ··· ng_1.php

• » ··· andl.php

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