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There are 4 easy ways to do this.

1 (Recommended) - If you have your welcome letter and have access to the internet through some other source, go to »altpath.qwest.com , click the appropriate modem (or other), and enter the "quick connect" signon details on that page. Voila! Enter those new PPP credentials in the modem.

2 (Pretty good) - If you don't have welcome letter with you (since you have internet access right now!) and/or internet access where the letter is, there is a temporary signon on the "quick connect" software CD. Pop it in and browse to the manual install folder and run start.htm -- it'll get you going without you having to actually install the Quick Connect software.

3 (Acceptable) - If you either lost the "Welcome" letter or are too lazy to do one of the above options, you can call the DSL service call center and request your PPP credentials from one of the reps.

4 (Non-geeks only) - If you have no clue how to access the modem to enter your credentials and "just want it to work" then you can pop in the "Quick Connect" CD, burden your system by installing the software, and follow the instructions to enter your "Welcome Letter" information into the modem.

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  • Thank you! Found this solution quickly and it's perfect!

    2014-03-04 19:31:54

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