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As a general rule of thumb any ADSL (or ADSL2 that supports ADSL) modem will work with DSLX service. They prefer modems that come pre-configured as transparent bridges but modem that are functioning routers or wireless routers can work as well.

•»Re: list of compatible DSL modems/routers

Speedstream 5360 modem

•»Approved Modem List

In general DSLX service will work with any ADSL modem that supports RFC1483 / Bridge Mode and DMT (g.DMT) VP set to 0 and VC set to 35. If your modem worked with another companies service like AT&T or Verizon, it is likely that it will work with DSLExtreme unless it has been locked to only work on their network.

You can find a list of approved modems on their website in the Knowledge base support area:

Approved Modem List

You can also find a list of non-compliant modems there:

Non-Compliant Modems

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