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For first time installations, you want to make sure that you are installing your modem on or after your due date. However, some DSL orders may have sync several days before the due date. No sync means you have no dsl signal or the dsl signal is too weak to maintain a connection with your modem. There are three modems currently being sent out for new customer self-installations depending on your region, the Speedstream 4060, Speedstream 5260/5262, or Westell Wirespeed. On the 4060, no sync is indicated by the blinking green and orange light. On the 5260/5262, no sync is indicated by a blinking green and orange DSL light and the ATM light being off. On the Wirespeed, no sync is indicated by a blinking ready light.

1) Verify with an SBC representative that the correct phone number was set up for DSL. If you have more than one phone line in the home, it is not uncommon for the wrong line to be provisioned.

2) Check your connections. Be sure to plug the modem into the line you ordered DSL on, it will not work on other phone lines. Plug the DSL modem straight into the wall with no 2-line adapter or filter. Make sure all phones, analog modems, fax machines, and any other devices that uses the DSL line is plugged into a filter before it's plugged into a phone jack. Occasionally, you could get a bad 2-line adapter and that's why it is removed. If you can get sync without the 2-line adapter but lose sync with the 2-line adapter on the modem line, then your 2-line adapter is bad. If you have only one jack in the room and need to use the 2-line adapter, call the Installation dept at 877-722-3755 for a filter package replacement.

3) Be sure to use the data cable or phone cord that came with the modem. Sometimes, the regular flat 2-wire phone cord will work fine for your DSL modem and sometimes it won't. These cords can get damaged easily and could work for dial-up and not for DSL. Some people have 100-ft phone cords and sync up just fine. Others can't get DSL to sync up on a 5 ft cord they have used for years. If you plan on using a cord longer than 20 feet, then you might inquire about purchasing a CAT-3 cord with RJ-11 jacks at both ends from a computer store or Radio Shack.

4) Verify that you do not have anything such as a security alarm, doorbell, water meter, or other devices on the DSL line that could interfere with sync. If you do, you may need a tech install to filter all the house wiring and make a dedicated jack for the DSL.

5) Keep the modem at least 1 foot away from any EMI source, such as a CRT monitor, or halogen light.

6) If all the above checks out fine, then you may have a line problem and you need to call the Installation helpdesk at 877-722-3755. After troubleshooting your setup, they will call the provisioning dept to resolve any line issues which may take a few days or a few weeks.

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