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What is PowerBoost?
PowerBoost is a patent-pending Comcast network technology that enables you to experience faster connection speeds while you are downloading and uploading large files to the Internet. PowerBoost leverages an additional capacity that is already built into Comcast's advanced network.

How long does the PowerBoost burst last?
PowerBoost provides bursts for the first 20 MB downloading and the first 10 MB uploading of a file respectively on select Comcast High-Speed Internet services.

Will PowerBoost work with all customers' modems?
Comcast PowerBoost technology is compatible with DOCSIS 1.1 cable modems and above.

Will PowerBoost increase my monthly rate?
No; PowerBoost is FREE to all residential Comcast High-Speed Internet subscribers.

Will my eMTA work with PowerBoost?
PowerBoost will work on your eMTA/CDV device just as it would on a standard modem.

What happens after the PowerBoost burst?
Once the PowerBoost burst is complete, your download will continue at your normal provisioned speed.

What do I need to do to get PowerBoost?
Nothing. PowerBoost has already been deployed in your area. If you suspect that you are not getting PowerBoost, simply reset your modem by unplugging it for 60 seconds and plugging it back in.

Where is PowerBoost available?
PowerBoost is currently being deployed on a market-by-market basis.

How will customers know that they have experienced the PowerBoost speed enhancement?
Customers will notice an increase in speed when they are downloading and uploading large files such as software, games, music, and photos.

Will Comcast do anything for PowerBoost customers who own older modems?
For customers who lease modems from Comcast, they will swap your old modem for a newer one, free of charge.

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*This FAQ is based on user knowledge from a volunteer core of BroadbandReports' members. This FAQ in no way constitutes official information from Comcast or any of its affiliates.

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