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Sometimes while browsing or posting in the forums you may see a "held by system" stub as pictured here:

The "held by system" stub can appear for a few reasons:

•The post was pulled from public view by a forum moderator for review. Possible reasons for this include, but are not limited to, violation of site rules and/or terms of service.
•The member is on a post-watch requiring moderator approval before the post becomes public.
•Flood control/autohold has kicked in:
    said by »Re: Post Watch for ALL Boards, even though it isn't warranted? :

    The autohold for lots of posts from one location within a certain time frame is separate from post watch. It will happen when you are not on watch as well. It's a form of flood control. You made 15 posts in 15 minutes. That's happened numerous times on the site, and a great many times the person doing it was spamming, so the autohold was put there to deal with it. It's aimed only at #posts/timeframe.

    Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
    • Hi, I am listed as having been a member since 2006. I know I have posted in the past. Yet, my post today was held because it stated I am so new, not a description you have above as a "reason". Perhaps, since it has been so long since I last posted, my posts are deleted? If so, then my situation should warrant a reason as you specify since most of your reasons clearly suggest posts are held because of bad behavior. I have never been flagged for such behavior on any board, including this one. Thanks.

      2013-10-31 22:30:34 (ThomasJacobs See Profile)

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