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The short answer is "yes." This has been a known fact for our members for years now and you will find below a sampling of the most recent discussions on the topic.

Do not post another thread on this topic. After reading the posts in the links below, if you're sure you have something new to add, post it here --> »The Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management Topic

While not actually a bandwidth limits/abuse thread, this one may be of interest as a related topic ---> »Bandwidth Monitor for Computers-Suggestions?

Consider reading the following threads to see if your information has already been posted or your questions already answered:

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•Those are only a sampling of the most recent threads on this topic, just in case somebody thinks this is news to us. If, after reading all those, you honestly think you have something new to report or discuss, please contact a forum mod before starting yet another thread on this subject.

Archive: Bandwidth Abuse Suspension Information:

Q: Does switching to a "Pro" account keep you from getting the letter?
A: The following BBR users have reported getting the letter with a "Pro" account:
Reddking See Profile »Re: anyone got a letter on a pro account? jsbthree See Profile »Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspensio
Q: If I want to complain to someone, or ask questions who should I talk to?
A: A good source of information:
»A Resource Guide for Complaints Against Comcast
Q: How can I estimate my internet usage?
A: Try this tool:
» ··· dex.html
Q: How can I monitor my internet usage?
A: This thread has a lot of information about monitoring software:
»Banned Users Need Network Monitoring Software?
Q: What is the "limit"?
A: The following is a non-exhaustive list of people's reported bandwidth usage who have received a letter:
(Warning: Most of the reported numbers are stated to be estimates)
Reported usage is for a months time and the date is when the letter was received.
95GB Down 61GB Up
Irving TX, December 03?
»Re: Help Please..I got the dreaded "letter"
60GB Down 20GB Up
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspensio
60GB Down 30GB Up
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspensio
100GB Down 14GB Up
Los Angeles, CA, December 03
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspension
110GB Down
Albuquerque, NM, December 03
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspension
40GB Down 11GB Up
Millville, NJ, December 03
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspension
180GB Down 10GB Up
Naperville, IL, January 04
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspension
135GB Down 1.5GB Up
Monongahela, PA, January 04
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspension
250GB Down
Manassas, VA, August 03
»Re: Comcast Bandwidth Exceeded Notice!!!
100GB Down 17GB UP
Philadelphia, PA, September 03
»Re: exessive use of service ----WHAT I DID TO GET
»Re: Comcast Account Suspended for going over "limi
80GB total
December 03
»Re: My experience with Comcast bandwidth suspension

Unconfirmed Comcast comments on what the limit is:
Q: What is the excessive bandwidth use threshold?
A: There is no predetermined bandwidth usage threshold. It is important to note that customers who are being contacted show bandwidth usage that skews quite disproportionately high as compared to overall average bandwidth use.
Q: About how much bandwidth are these excessive users consuming?
A: There is no predetermined bandwidth threshold. However, the amount of bandwidth that an excessive user may consume may be analogous to downloading 90 movies or 4,500 movie trailers in a single month.

»Comcast APU Customer Protocol!!

*This FAQ is based on user knowledge from a volunteer core of BroadbandReports' members. This FAQ in no way constitutes official information from Comcast or any of its affiliates.

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