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Depending on your service area, you may be able to "self-provision" your modem. All you'll need is your Member Services ID and password. If you've forgotten your password or don't know your Member Services ID, go to » Once you have your Member Services information ready, simply connect the new modem to the cable line, the appropriate Ethernet port on you computer or router, and modem power adapter (in that order).

Once you make all the necessary connections and your modem sync's up, open your web browser. If your browser is re-directed to Charter Terms-of-Service page, then you are ready to go with self-provisioning.

If you get a "page cannot be displayed" or similar browser error, try releasing and renewing your computer/router's IP address or a reboot. If your new modem doesn't sync or you continue to receive error messages from your web browser, you will need to call tech support to have the HFC or cable MAC of your new modem provisioned for service.

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