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Please verify that you have flash browser plugin version 8 or above. You probably have version 7 or below. The link to verify this is right above the flash test!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • hi my torrent download is to much slow

    2014-03-25 11:49:37

  • 2013-11-24 17:33:31

  • TheMega Path test requires a recent version of Java on your browser. And additionally, you have to get the test through a link to them.

    2013-02-12 14:53:20 (jaykaykay See Profile)

  • just bought new MacBook Pro, had to download Flash from Adobe to try to run Flash speed tests. So far, can't complete the test and get error message saying someone about script interfering with flash. Java speed test seems to run fine but you also have to download java engine for the new Macs - it is NOT included with factory delivered OS, in this case OSX 10.7+

    2012-08-01 20:22:33 (ttisch See Profile)

  • I''m having issues in testing for speed with Firefox, but with Google Chrome. The only browser that I have that does seem to work, does''t freeze and no causation popups, is Safari, and even then I'm not getting the speed that I should be getting. I'm in Riverside, CA and have U-Verse. Anyone else seem to have these issues??

    2012-07-18 13:19:26

  • Maybe MegaPath should be removed as they have not worked for over a year.

    2012-01-24 15:46:10 (dekramer See Profile)

  • Actually, I have Adobe Flash 10 and only see the bars. The test verifies this.

    2010-09-02 12:10:53

  • the flash speedtest to megapath in san francisco hasn't worked in months. perhaps they don't support this any more & need to be removed from the list. it works to other providers. the java speedtest to megapath also fails. it also works to other providers.

    2010-05-19 16:33:52 (bloodnok See Profile)

  • Why are the test results labelled "undefined"?

    2009-05-01 18:31:57

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