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First, ensure that ZONE ALARM and any other PC browser security products are not blocking the operation of the test. Disable them temporarily and if the test functions correctly then you have found the culprit.

Are you using FIREFOX with a PLUGIN enabled? We are noticing a small percentage of users, all running Firefox, are not able to fully utilize the test. We believe this is because they all have the same Firefox plugin enabled. If you find out WHAT plugin breaks the flash test, please let us know.

Note: We are receiving some reports that the FasterFox addon is inhibiting the flash test. If this is true for you, please contact a site moderator to add your report. Stay tuned.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I dont have network

    2013-06-15 00:25:12

  • my test is fine its my computer which is slow

    2013-05-19 11:39:21

  • my downloading speed is suddenly very slow

    2013-05-19 11:36:45

  • the download speed as well as upload speed are rather slow.And it shows that there is something wrong with my network configuration.

    2013-05-06 10:28:41

  • my speed and daonload speed is too low

    2013-03-07 04:52:34

  • DSL speed test 12345678900987654321

    2013-03-07 04:51:31

  • the download speed is slow

    2013-03-07 04:50:11

  • the download speed is slow

    2013-03-06 07:48:54

  • i want more speed

    2012-11-04 18:47:54

  • I got (mbps)4.98 and 4.08 on 2 different Download test choices then 0.62 and 0.605 for upload tests. But what does that mean. I have DLS, Power Mac G5 w/ Airport - haven't tested the MBPro yet but my daughter says it won't upload a simple little video (extremely slo the fails)which she's usually successful with. Sept 10 in Chico College town - maybe influx of students since school started up again - crowding the "BandsWidths"??? What speeds should I be seeing? JJ

    2012-09-11 00:56:18

  • thank you

    2012-06-29 04:11:42

  • the download speed is to slow

    2011-11-24 05:30:44

  • it is very low. Expecting speed is not available

    2011-08-09 03:40:21

  • i want more speed

    2011-07-23 11:21:13

  • very slw t dwnlad

    2011-05-15 05:28:36

  • no valid

    2011-04-07 14:41:39

  • i want more speed

    2011-04-02 09:04:01

  • my downloads is very slow each time.. i can't understand why? plse help!

    2011-02-19 13:26:12

  • my torrent download only 10 kb per second.what is the main problem.i have imp/s internet speed

    2011-01-24 07:57:04

  • It doesn't work in Firefox 3.6. I got a report about a script being hung.

    2010-10-10 21:18:46 (Morac See Profile)

  • At the moment, and for the past few days, the speed test to Speakeasy in NY seems to be broken: initial connection is never made and the test times out. The other tests seem to be perfectly normal.

    2010-09-25 21:15:52 (deesto See Profile)

  • No download speeds reported, no AV or firewall software running, Win XP Pro SP3 IE8, what gives?

    2010-09-25 13:38:36

  • This is not the case for me, I am not running ZA and with my AV client disabled it still does not record download speeds. You ought to fix this!

    2010-08-21 21:51:44

  • Running Snow Leopard with Safari's latest release. Absolutely never runs at all on any server.

    2010-08-20 01:41:38 (chrisegra See Profile)

  • Never records download speeds. No firewall, etc.. just does not record them, what gives with this?

    2010-08-10 23:20:57

  • its downloading but very slow

    2010-07-24 04:29:37

  • Attempting to run the Flash speed test on Ubuntu 9.10 with Flash plugin Attempts to test against Megapath in San Francisco it loads and shows the dial but no tests are run, not even latency. When I run against LinkLINE to Los Angeles it works. (Note: the Java test also fails against Megapath while it works against speakeasy in Palo Alto.)

    2010-06-18 15:10:44

  • runing very slow

    2010-05-02 11:05:56

  • I am using Firefox and am unable to run the Flash Speed Test. I have no idea about the Plugin that be preventing the speed test to run properly.

    2010-02-07 21:56:22

  • still no connections!!!

    2010-01-29 19:27:03

  • poor connection

    2010-01-28 23:02:14

  • there's no incoming connection!!!

    2010-01-28 19:34:47

  • no connection at all!!!

    2010-01-27 20:14:09

  • the themes

    2010-01-23 07:19:31

  • (#14587)

    2010-01-14 21:38:43

  • It runs, but the result is too slow -- slower than the Java tests

    2010-01-10 23:31:46

  • slow connections!!

    2010-01-06 18:57:03

  • firewall limmitting my onnections

    2010-01-05 23:26:38

  • with flash 10.0 r32 plugin in firefox, the app loads, then hangs at "testing server latency". flash works as expected on other sites.

    2009-12-26 15:22:29 (bloodnok See Profile)

  • It runs, but does not record a download speed!

    2009-12-21 23:56:08

  • utorrent download speed for faster

    2009-12-16 04:56:37

  • runs, but the result is too slow -- slower than the Java test

    2009-12-09 12:28:11

  • sever list

    2009-11-30 04:39:56

  • server list

    2009-11-30 04:39:15

  • i want more speed

    2009-11-23 20:09:43

  • my speed is 100mpbs it take 4;5 day to download movie

    2009-11-17 14:47:01

  • am using google chrome not firefox. it is showing the upload but it is not showing the download. can you send the reason for that

    2009-10-15 23:56:49

  • It runs, but does not record a download speed! (#14587)

    2009-08-04 10:36:38

  • It runs, but does not record a download speed! (#14587)

    2009-08-04 10:34:14

  • downloads speeds is very slow

    2009-05-29 09:02:51

  • just above 1

    2009-05-15 08:05:40

  • v slow for bittorrent

    2009-04-19 09:17:49

  • i am downloading a movie but it didnt get the speed as it should have?

    2009-04-16 14:59:18

  • it came on but it showed no record of the speed

    2009-03-21 21:09:40

  • I switched my Shockwave flash player from "Gnash SWF" to "Shockwave flash 10.0 r15" and went from not able to record a score to getting a very reasonable result

    2009-02-13 01:08:39

  • hi i am using Internet on my pc using data cable with Nokia N73 musing edition but i am not able to find out the speed test my flash player is 10.1 so can you please suggest me where i should try speed test for utorrent. my email id is delhiboy_kabir@yahoo.co.in

    2009-01-12 00:20:13

  • my speed and daonload speed is too low

    2009-01-04 12:44:51

  • I am using FireFox, and wasn't able to run a test. I disabled the "Adblock Plus" add-on and the test ran perfectly. Just thought I'd help out.

    2008-12-12 12:56:33

  • DSL speed test 12345678900987654321

    2008-12-12 06:37:51

  • the download speed is slow

    2008-12-02 22:46:54

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