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Possible reason #1

Our current version is, unfortunately, CPU intensive. We are working to fix this. It is probably that the flash test is utilizing ALL your CPU during the animation phase, and this is depressing the results.

We expect to release a test that will work for slower CPUs very soon.

Possible reason #2

Some fixed wireless ISPs are getting artificially low results for UPLOAD SPEED under flash. This pattern is not just our flash test -- all flash tests show the problem, and some other technology online speed tests show it as well. Our Java test, and a basic ftp test, do not show this problem. We don't yet have an idea why this may be, but we are collecting data.

Possible reason #3

The flash plugin is not efficient enough to test VERY HIGH SPEED connections (fiber). If you are on fiber, you are advised to stick to the Java plugin-based speed test, which can test 100mbit and beyond. Flash is unable to fully utilize a 100mbit connection, so it under reports very fast connections.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Flash test is unreliable due to high cpu load.

    2012-02-04 12:21:16

  • I have uTorrent and have used it for a long time but my internet service provider is HughesNet and it's terrible [in my opinion]. My downloads are sooooooo slow it's ridiculous. I'm not computer savvy & was wondering if maybe you could enlighten me as to why in the hell this is!? I'm getting really frustrated, to say the least! Is there something I can do to make it faster? Thank You... Natalie [CherokeeRoze39@aol.com]

    2012-01-06 21:24:39

  • None of the above reasons seem to be plausible. Flash results USED to be comparable with Java tests on the same computer. Wondering if it has something to do with Apple's war with Adobe (Flash), resulting in worse flash performance now?

    2011-07-10 14:35:26 (dcaccavo See Profile)

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