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The 2.3.0(7) firmware can drop incoming connections. Outgoing connections are not affected, and an ongoing connection to MSN chat seems to prevent problems on the incoming side.

In other words, if you serve a website or otherwise want to allow incoming connections, you are better served sticking with firmware 2.3.0(2), rather than the newer 2.3.0(7) firmware.

To test this, you can, as I did, upgrade the 5660 router to the 2.3.0(7) image, and monitor your website. I noticed that I got occasional failures to the linux-box webserver when my main laptop was offline, such as at night or during trips. A monitor for outgoing connections showed no problem. My main laptop always seeks to connect to MSN, exercising the new application-level routing features in the 2.3.0(7) firmware. I went many rounds of testing alternative theories before flashing a backup router to 2.3.0(2) for a comparison--problem solved.

Stick with 2.3.0(2) if you have a website served by the 5660 router.


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