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IFITL (Integrated Fiber In The Loop)
IFITL (a.k.a. as PCData) is BellSouth's first broadband over fiber to the curb service and utilizes Marconi equipment that integrates voice, video, and data capabilities. It is not DSL but a 10Mb ethernet network from the ONU to your house. With IFITL no modem is used, but you must have a professional installation by a BST technician. They will install 10Base-T protector and a special EBN in the NID, run new CatX cable (or utilize existing spare pairs, if available) from NID to a RJ-45 wall plate, and then to the NIC card of your PC. Currently, IFITL customers are not eligible for Extreme 3.0 or Extreme 6.0, but IFITL can usually obtain slightly higher download speeds than FastAccess Ultra DSL customers because it uses traffic shaping instead of hard provisioning caps. Click here for additional IFTIL installation and connectivity information.

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