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There are many reasons you may not be getting advertised speed. Here are some facts-
1. Most packages have a range of speeds associated with them. 'Up to 1.5mbps' '1.5-3.0mbps'
2. The ISP only provides or guarantees sync speeds to be within the package range speed when they provision your line. This means the connection between you and the DSLAM not to the internet.

If you think you are slow please help us out by doing a few things to prove out your point. Make sure no one else is using your connection while the tests are running.
1. Reboot the modem, router, PC.
2. Post a speed test result from »support.sbcglobal.net/dsl/speedtest/ and choose the location nearest to you.
3. Post a tweak test result »/tweaks
4. Post a line Quality Test from »/linequality
5. List the DSL package you ordered.
6. List the modem brand and model you have.
7. List if you have a router.
8. List if testing from a wired or wireless connection.
9. List if all filters are in place (the DSL modem should not be filtered).
10. Line stats from the modem would also help if you know how to get them.

Please also read this FAQ - »AT&T Northeast (SNET) DSL FAQ »How do I tweak my connection for AT&T Northeast?

We will try to help the best we can.

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last modified: 2007-07-11 08:56:13