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There are multiple indirect ways in which you can disable Voicemail/CallAnswer via the Portal. You may want to contact Tech Support if you want this feature permanently disabled.

•On the CONCIERGE TAB and select "CallForward". On that screen there is a setting for "Call Answer Ring Time:".

Set this to a large number of seconds.... 99 at most. This will effectively turn off call answer except for those really persistent people who wait 99 seconds while the phone rings.

Of course, if you have a FAX machine, FAXmodem, or other answering device, these may pickup before the time you have set is up.

•Using the CONCIERGE FMFM feature, you can always route unanswered calls to a second number like a payphone or another number of your choosing which can playback some hilarious message such as:

"No incoming calls can be received at this number"


"This number is no longer in service"

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