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This question is only temporary during the aftermath of the February 6, 2007 outage affecting D-Link gateways only.

In the morning of February 6, 2007 an error occurred during a scheduled firmware update to the D-Link DVG-1120M ATAs. Primus has provided the following explanation:

As per our email, there has been an error (a human one). Could happen with anyone (not excuse, just a fact of life). We do a lot of testing of any new firmware and software updates, have a clean update process, but nothing in the world is 100% perfect, and today is a good example.

The problem could not be discovered in a second, since it manifests itself only when your unit is going for a regular firmware update and gets a wrong one. It has been fixed very soon, but quite a few units has got the wrong firmware in the meantime, which unfortunately can be fixed only with the user intervention. Not sure how technically detailed you want us to be.

In response to this outage, Primus has provided step by step instructions for recovering D-Links affected by the firmware upgrade error. The link to these instructions has been removed for security reasons (now that the severity of the outage has passed), but can still be found on the Primus website via the MyTBB Portal forums by logging in and then browsing to https://mytbb.primus.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?forum=6&showtopic=21155.

Further clarification and instructions are available on the Primus MyTBB Portal forums.

Customers affected by this outage may also visit the Primus offices in Toronto and in Montreal. This option was offered until Friday, February 9th. After this date it would be recommended to call first before making the trip to one of those offices. See the threads in the Announcements forum on the MyTBB Portal for address information.

Several users around the country have also offered their time and assistance for those affected users who live in Calgary, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. Contact information for these users can be found in the Feedback forum on the MyTBB Portal.

Primus has announced that affected customers will be rebated one month's service over the next 3 months (a $10 credit on each of the March, April, and May bills). This rebate will be applied only to those users who experienced an outage, and not to every TBB subscriber with a D-Link gateway.

For those TBB subscribers whose only phone line is their TBB line or an expensive cell phone plan, remember that you can use Skype to call the Primus support 1-800 number, even if you don't have any SkypeOut credits.

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last modified: 2007-03-04 14:40:15