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• DSL availability: »DSL FAQ »DSL Availability & Troubleshooting
• My DSL line is too slow! »DSL FAQ »I think my DSL is too slow!
• Discussion on Filters: »DSL FAQ »Filters?
• Noise Margin: »DSL FAQ »Noise Margin?
• Fastpath/Interleave: »Verizon Online DSL FAQ »Fastpath and Interleaving
• Upstream Signal: »DSL FAQ »Upstream Signal to Noise Ratio
• Checking stats/synch/speeds: »AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »How to check modem stats, synch rates & speeds from test jack at the NID.
• Look for CO in area: »www.telcodata.us/telcodata/telco
• Tweaking your SpeedTouch: »SpeedTouch 516 Tweaking :)
• What's that site running: »news.netcraft.com
• Good speed test area: »speedtest.teksavvy.com

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