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No. Why? It doesn't save you any money. If you concerned about security, though, and don't mind shutting your computer down, it may be prudent. One of the many windows security products called ZoneAlarm is also neat ... ZoneAlarm offers a button; click this when you leave your computer, and it freezes network traffic, unclick when you get back to continue.

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  • One other downside to turning off your modem is that when you want to use it again, it will require a small length of time to resynchronize and lock onto the DSL signal before it can start sending and receiving data, which can be inconvenient if you want to jump into the internet without any delays.

    2014-10-25 18:17:34

  • Most firewalls (not only Zone Alarm) offer a button or a menu from the system tray to block all network traffic. McAfee calls it lockdown. Windows Firewall has a checkbox to block all incoming traffic. However, if you block all network traffic, you won't get Windows updates, or updates to your anti-virus.

    2009-04-02 12:01:03

  • No, you will not "damage" the modem/connection/etc. Simply turning it off by the power button is just like turning off a tv or computer. No serious harm will be done,but I don't think a modem will take up much power... Mines only take in 12vdc as it says on the label on modem.

    2008-11-15 22:10:27 (Flow7 See Profile)

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