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If a forum post simply won't do, if you need help more urgently, or if you simply want to chat about Unix-like operating systems (who doesn't?!) then IRC might be what you need. Some members of this forum frequent a chat room and might be around to help you immediately, rather than waiting for replies to in the forum.

The chat is an IRC channel. If you're already savvy to IRC, just connect to the following server and channel. If you need help connecting, keep reading.

Network: Freenode
Server: irc.freenode.net
Port: 6667
Channel: #atu

You first need an IRC client. You have options, depending on your operating system. Here are a few choices:


XChat2 for Windows

Google Search for other Windows Clients

*nix (check your package manager first before installing from these sites)

Konversation for KDE

Gaim (also available for Windows)

Irssi (command-line client)

Google Search for other Linux Clients

Once you have an IRC client, you must connect to the proper network. There are literally hundreds of major IRC chat networks out there and many will be listed by default in your client's configuration screens. The one you need to connect to for our chat is Freenode. If Freenode isn't listed, then you must add it manually. This is always a simple operation, but it differs from client to client. Check the documentation for the client you chose and insert this server address:


There is also a field for port number. It should default to the correct value, but make sure this number appears there:


Once you are on the network, it will look something like a large IM window. A scrolling text area will appear at the top and a place to type messages and commands appears at the bottom. To join the chat, type the following command into the bottom area:

/join #atu

Note the leading slash (/) and the hash mark (#). Those are required.

Once you're in there, the regulars can help you with the other intricacies of IRC, and help you with your *nix issues of course!

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