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If you have the old Speedstream 3060 & 4060 CD sent before 2001 or downloaded the drivers from www.efficient.com , the absolute best way to uninstall drivers is to use the "setup clean" feature. On a failed or incomplete installation, it will often leave registry keys and some installation files on the computer. If you uninstall the 3060/4060 through removal of the adapter in the Device Manager, then reinstall it you will often have problems getting this modem to properly install because of the registry keys and installation files that did not get removed. To run the cleaner for a failed installation, go to Start-Run, type "D:\setup clean" (where D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive), this will run the batch file. If you downloaded the drivers from the Efficient website, you will have to specify the path, then "\setup clean" to run it.

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