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First a definition. An "offsite inline image" (or hotlinked clickable image) is a "clickable" image that resides on a non-DSLR server. This can be accomplished by using HTML markup language to include an image from another website in your post that when clicked should take you to the image:

html code:
When previewing or submitting a post that contains offsite inline images, you may receive the following warning:

Click for full size

While the system currently allows you to post inline images from offsite locations, it's not the recommended method for sharing images for the following reasons:

  • Many websites frown on the practice of hotlinking content from their site to another. Often, if it's a problem for them, they can "rewrite" the images being requested from other sites, causing, well, unexpected images to appear instead of the original image. (See »[request] news: get barney for an example of how DSLR dealt with hotlinkers)
  • Images posted to other sites are outside the scope of DSLR's control, if an image is renamed, moved or removed from the linked host it will appear as a broken image on this site and could cause problems with the 'flow' of the post.
  • Attaching images to your post using the file attachment feature on this site will cause the images to be resized so that the page margins aren't blown out causing readability problems for those with smaller screen resolution.

You can still post the image by clicking 'Post Now' button, but the preferred method for including images in your posts here is to use the site's built-in image attachment feature. For more information on how to attach images, see this site FAQ: »Site FAQ »How do I post attachments and screenshots?

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