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Current SBC equipment rebate checks such as for the 2wire are sent to you automatically several weeks after your order and installation are complete. You would probably need to call 877-722-3755 or your local EPC to check status on these.

The rest of the following information refers to the "SBC Value Rewards" of $99, $149, and $199 from several years ago (2001). As of March 2004 the websites relating to that rebate (sbcdslreward.com, sbc149reward.com, sbc199reward.com) are gone and the phone number (888) 241-6225 appears to be "closed" even during its stated business hours of Mon-Fri 6AM-11PM, Sat 7AM-11PM, and Sun 9AM-11PM. It does still have an automated system for checking on your rebate, though I'm not sure if it actually returns any information. It is quite likely that all rebate redemptions that are going to be issued for this promotion are now settled.

(Previous advice: If possible, do have your Order or Service Order number ready when calling. You will need your order number to register for the rebate online. Note: What they send you is a single sheet tri-fold that looks very much like junk mail!)

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