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MSN Premium, the premier all-in-one Web service offering from MSN, is optimized to take advantage of a high-speed Internet connection and enhance the online experience and efficiency for broadband users. Offered as an access-independent subscription service, MSN Premium is designed to meet the needs customers care about most, bringing advanced communication tools, persistent online protection and digital lifestyle management software together in one place to help them be more efficient online and get the most out of the Internet.

MSN Premium Features

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I subscribed to MSN Premium for 2 years, and when a renewal notice arrived, I had the exact same problem PLUS more! I tried to call them, and was sent back to the Internet where I was, again unable to get in no matter how well I followed the directions and how many times I tried. After 2 days of incredible frustration, I gave up! Surprisingly, my computer works just fine !!!

    2014-03-11 18:00:34

  • I am a long-time subscriber to MSN Premium. My 5-year-old PC died a sudden death, so I bought a new one. Now I can't access my Premium account. I enter my email and password. Then MSN shows me the last two digits of my phone number (78), and says, "Enter the last four digits of your phone number, including 78, and we will send you a code." I enter the last four digits of my phone number, and click next. MSN then says "We can't send you the code. Try again." What is a person to do?

    2014-02-23 09:02:01

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