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The maximum speed the flash test will correctly report varies according to your PC performance. Flash is not as efficient as Java for very high speed connections, so if your connection speed is going to be above 20mbit, then you should also try the Java-based speed tester to verify that you are fully exercising your connection during the test. We have had reports from users on 100mbit connections and moderately powerful PCs that they cannot get more than 25 mbit reported by flash (any flash-based speed test, not just ours), but they can get 80 or 90 mbit reported by the Java test.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • To the idiots complaining about torrent, there are other reasons for your 'torrent' to be slow which does NOT negate your results here. One, for example, may be the person you are leeching from may not have a good upload speed, so your download speed will be limited by that. Duh.

    2013-07-22 17:14:18

  • здравствуйте, я хочу чтобы мой торрент работал быстрее

    2013-06-12 08:31:23

  • Hey ne way to get my torent faster??

    2013-04-08 12:46:13

  • i wan"t my torrent to be more faster

    2013-04-06 09:04:52

  • I want my torrent faster

    2012-09-30 09:36:30

  • Iwant my toorent faster

    2012-09-30 09:34:08

  • Torrent sem erro de e/s por favor

    2012-07-05 03:49:56

  • The testing from this site using flash and java are always a lot slower in results then other sites. Today it shows mine at 13-15 Mbps dl and normally other site's shows it to be 35-60 Mbps.

    2012-03-12 10:21:15 (SirMax See Profile)

  • I completed your application, except for the speed of my Internet which is NOT listed for my area - Baltimore, MD for Verizon FiOS. So, how am I to submit this application after all of my data input and time invested, just to have this one part of the application incomplete due to technical reasons? R.Spero

    2012-02-29 12:09:55

  • I want my torrent faster

    2011-06-09 07:07:03

  • This helps a bit. Just went from 6Mb to 12 via UVerse. All Flash test sites show my downloads as being b/w 8.62 and 6Mb; upload pretty consistent. Java tests have me at 10Mb download with the upload still being consistent. Not sure which to trust though :-S

    2011-05-20 13:42:12 (clnupman See Profile)

  • Iwant my toorent faster

    2011-05-08 18:47:48

  • atef mstor

    2011-03-25 06:11:52

  • I want my torrent faster

    2011-02-15 13:58:15

  • Hi,i want my toorent faster

    2011-02-11 01:43:53

  • i got speed 8 mb download 4///but torrent ,it not so, fast as i want(((

    2011-01-22 12:48:54

  • I want my torrent to be faster

    2010-12-16 06:37:37

  • Iwant my toorent faster

    2010-11-11 02:35:19

  • 2010-10-10 15:18:17

  • its so slow

    2010-08-24 22:00:11

  • My test reported I had over 5MP download speed, but in real world application, I don't get any where near that. Sometimes I struggle watching a 360p Youtube video and downloading large files never breaches 700KB/s so for me, this test doesn't prove anything.

    2010-07-25 16:58:25

  • I want my torrent to be faster

    2010-07-24 09:52:34

  • Thanks for telling me to do "the java based speed" test! I do have a faster-than-2oMbs-service.

    2010-06-15 14:06:18 (Fox Mulder See Profile)

  • What is the maximum speed this test will correctly report?

    2010-01-29 23:11:14

  • What is the maximum speed this test will correctly report

    2009-07-23 09:23:32 (luisto_73 See Profile)

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