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Portal contributor MTS_EMPLOYEE has provided the following description of the two Linksys devices.

Linksys SPA2100

The Linksys SPA2100 is similar to the Linksys PAP2, which was one of the first SIP ATA's that Vonage ever offered. However the appearance is different (lights, and connections on the back (the ATA was meant to be placed flat), where as the old PAP2 from vonage...when looking at the logo, the connections are on the left, and the lights are on the right.

The SPA2100 has WAN and LAN port. Just like the the D-Link, the reason that the ATA has both WAN and LAN is so that you can put it at the front of your network, and have all other devices using the gateway as a router (this is so that QOS packets are "guaranteed" to be taken into effect). This is handy if you have a lot of other devices on your network, or if you download lots of stuff. This is also handy if you don't have ANYTHING on your network other than the phone service, because if you have PPPOE, than the ATA will act as a router for you.

Linksys SPA2102

The SPA2100 has been revised, the new model number is the SPA2102.

The Linksys SPA2102 has the same port and router configuration as the SPA2100, but it has more memory and the Ethernet ports have been upgraded from 10Mbits to 100Mbits. This provides more bandwidth for the device which is useful especially if other devices are using it as the gateway. The router functionality of the SPA2102 is the same as the SPA2100, so it provides the same benefits as the SPA2100 for separating or creating networks.

ALSO NOTED....The Linksys SPA-2102 is the same LOOK as the PAP2, which was originally offered by Vonage. The 2102 (In my opinion), is a sleaker look than the 2100, and it is meant to both lay flat AND they offer a piece so that it can stand up without falling over.

When holding it in your hand looking at the LOGO, the connections are on your left, and the lights are the right (half on the front and half on the side)...unlike the 2100 where the connections and the lights are on the back.

Do a search of PAP2, that is what the 2102 looks like.

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last modified: 2007-05-03 15:17:50