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Copied from the TSC Forum for your reference:

"posted November 04, 2004 12:07 AM
Credit must go to where it deserved. Thanks to SR_Chew for the write up. I am still playing around with running D2OL as a service with my work machine, seems to work fine. In time I am going to rewrite the text some with some additional wording and whatnot but for the time being, here ya go.

The file can be downloaded at www.teamfrozenyogurt.com/files/d2olservice.zip.

These steps assume you have installed to the default "C:\PROGRAM FILES\SENGENTD2OL\" folder.


2. From the Windows CMD prompt run the following from a directory that you've extracted the INSTSRV.EXE file to

3. From Windows Services open the D2OL properties. Set to Auto. From the Log On tab check the 'Allow service to interact with desktop' box. DON'T START THE SERVICE YET!!

4. If you have installed to anywhere but the default directoy, open the provided D2OL.REG file and confirm/change the paths listed are where you have installed to. Note that the double back slashes are correct where used - do not change them. Once you've confirmed, double click the reg file to Merge it (this creates some required registry entries).

5. Extract all the files from the provided PROGRAM_DIRECTORY.ZIP in to the "C:\PROGRAM FILES\SENGENTD2OL\D2OL\" folder

6. Extract all the files from the provided START_MENU_SHORTCUTS.ZIP in to folder for your D2OL Start Menu shortcuts (can put them anywhere, but here makes sense)

7. Try testing that the D2OL Service starts from Windows Services (open it and click the start button). You won't see that the program is running at this point.

8. From the Start Menu (if you copied the shortcuts here in step 6) you'll have the following options

Show GUI - opens the D2OL window, from where you can change all your D2OL preferences

Pause processing - leaves the D2OL service active but stops processing. I use this by creating a Windows Scheduled Task to run weekly at the same time as the weekly virus scan runs, as I find Norton Anti Virus runs slow while D2OL is processing

Normal running mode - as long as you haven't shut down D2OL, this will resume from a pause and/or close the GUI window. It's best to use this instead of closing the GUI with the normal close button. If you just use the close button you'll need to run this first before trying the Show GUI shortcut or it won't actually show. I also create a Windows Scheduled Task to run weekly, one hour after the pause processing shortcut.

Shutdown D2OL - this will unload the D2OL application from memory. The Windows Service will still show as started however.

D2OL file mode - this will fire up D2OL again if you've used the Shutdown D2OL link. Alternatively you can stop and start the Windows D2OL service

9. As the final test to see if the service is working properly, reboot the computer, but don't log in. From another computer on the network use DSPY to monitor D2OL processing.

All done! There's a number of advantages to running D2OL in this manner

- If you have a system that is in a location with frequent power outages, as soon as power is restored to the system you'll be back crunching without the need to regularly check up on the system (this was my motivation - I have a couple of nodes in this circumstance)

- It survives users logging in/out, so if you have a system that requires multiple people to log in with different user accounts it keeps crunching

- It's an unobtrusive manner to run D2OL - no windows or tasktray icons; even with FireDaemon you'll have it's (FireDaemon's) icon showing. Handy if you're the type to run around setting up nodes on other peoples' systems..."

~Also, see this thread for other suggestions: »[TSC] Running the TSC Client as a Service ~

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