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Once edit permissions have been granted to your username you will be allowed direct access to edit your ISP listing. You may enter enter via these avenues:

1. If you are the original authorized representative that set up your ISP listing then the first page presented to you upon logging in will be your ISP listing.

2. If you have been logged into the site you may navigate to the VPROF number that is assigned to your ISP.
ie. »/vprof/1234 could represent ACME ISP.
Bookmarking the link assigned to your ISP is helpful.

3. You can access your ISP listing from the ISP DIRECTORY on the homepage located underneath the daily reviews. Use the alphabet prompt to locate your ISP. Once you have clicked on your listing you may enter the edit features by clicking on the blue link that is labeled "secured isp edit".

NOTE: In order to gain access to the edit features on your ISP listing you must be LOGGED IN to the DSLR site.

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