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  • What projects have completed at WCG?
The following projects are complete as of 6/28/13

From »www.worldcommunitygrid.org/proje ··· hives.do
Help Defeat Cancer
(Launched July 20, 2006 Completed April, 2007)
World Community Grid and The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Rutgers University and UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School will be examining Tissue Microarrays to determine how to improve the treatment of cancer with earlier and more targeted diagnostic tools.

Human Proteome Folding Project - Phase I
(Launched November 11, 2004, Completed July 18, 2006)
World Community Grid focused on a project key to advancing our knowledge of human disease. By identifying the proteins that make up the Human Proteome, scientists can build the understanding needed for novel and effective treatments for diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, SARS, and malaria.

Human Proteome Folding Project - Phase II
(Launched June 2006, Completed June 2013)
It was a massive project, launched in June 2006, and was the second-longest-running World Community Grid project to date. Volunteer members contributed over 123,000 CPU-years of computing power to run simulations and help determine the structure of proteins. The researchers at the Bonneau lab are very thankful to our members for this support, without which the project would have been impossible.

Help Conquer Cancer Project
(Launched Nov 2007, Completed May 2013)
While this project was active, World Community Grid members processed over 500 million results, which required nearly 115,000 CPU-years of computing power. This work would not have been possible without World Community Grid, because it would have taken hundreds of years to run using the computing resources available to the researchers at the Ontario Cancer Institute. Thanks to World Community Grid members, the computations were completed in less than 6 years.

The next step is for the scientists to mine the results data to better understand how to encourage proteins to crystalize, study the crystallized proteins missed by humans inspecting the images, and generally tune the image-analysis algorithms so that real-time evaluation of new data is possible. These are important steps to help scientists better understand protein structure and function, and therefore search for potential drugs to control these cancer-related proteins.

Smallpox Research Grid Project
In this groundbreaking United Devices project, accelerated drug research powered by grid technology made it possible to discover smallpox therapy candidates at a record pace.

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