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BOINC points are calculated in a two-step process. First, the points (also called credit) claimed by a host are determined. BOINC points are calculated based on a benchmark that is run periodically by the BOINC client. This benchmark is then run through a calculation that determines how much credit per second of run time that device should earn. More information about that formula is available at the following sites: »boinc.berkeley.edu/credit.php and »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BOINC_Cred···lestones

Second, once validation has been completed, BOINC gives the same credit for a result to every device that worked on the same work unit. BOINC calculates how much credit this should be by taking the claimed credit for each result that was determined to be valid, eliminating the low and high values and then averaging the rest.

This process eliminates the ability for malicious users to artificially claim higher points for their work.

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