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Most Windows ME computers will not be able to shut down properly on a consistent basis with the 4060 modem plugged in. If you shut down your PC by going to Start-Shut Down-Shut Down-OK, and get only a blinking white square it's the 4060 modem locking up your PC. If you unplug the 4060 modem, and the monitor turns off when you shut down this time, then it's the modem. If it's within 30 days of your due date, you can call the installation dept at 877-722-3755. Some of the CSI technicians know about it and others don't. You may have to call back if they won't replace it. If it's too late to replace your modem, you could unplug the USB modem each time you shut down your PC. A good alternative is to get a seperate powerstrip for the 4060, and then powerdown the 4060 modem first before rebooting or shutting down the PC.

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