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Trying to determine how much internet service costs is not an easy task, since it is buried in the Charter website and varies by region. A discussion of costs was undertaken here: »Link to URL that has Charter Internet speeds/prices?.

A summary of the results, as well as discussion of other ISP's internet costs can be found here: »US Broadband Price Comparisons.

This is what the article notes about the cost of Charter internet:

While Charter advertises their downstream speeds directly, prices and upstream speeds vary by market and are hidden behind a prequalification wall. Even then, some users who enter their regional information tell us regional speed availability isn't always accurate. These are the speed and price ranges as reported by our users:

Lite up to 1mbps : $19.99
Express up to 8mbps : $29.99
Plus to 16mbps : $39.99
Max up to 25mbps : $54.99
Ultra60 up to 60mpbs: $105.00

** Speeds reflect downstream **
Charter customers who bundle two services usually see a monthly discount of $10. The company does offer a $99 introductory triple play deal in certain markets.

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