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~As shown by Ascent in this thread~

First log in and go to »secure.worldcommunitygrid.org/re ··· Again.do and download the latest World Community Grid version.
(this client allows for a "run as service" installation)

After downloading run the installation program,

Click for full size

accept the EULA,

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you can use the default directory or choose another,

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next choose service install

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Tell BOINC how to log in. BOINC will need a user name and password, it can be an existing user or you can create a new one.

Also uncheck "Make BOINC your default screensaver" and
"Launch BOINC when logging in"

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Now complete the installation.

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BOINC is now installed as a service and will run while any user is logged in.

You can start boincmgr.exe or use BoincView to control BOINC

*Added 1-12-08

*If you are using Vista for your OS and you receive this error:
1607: Unable to install installshield scripting runtime
Go to the folder where the install executable was downloaded.
Right click on the file, select "Run as administrator", and as long as your account has administrator rights, the program should install successfully.

Submitted by KeysCapt See Profile

*note: you don't need to install as service as it works fine as single user too

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